The Scissors & More Story 

Anna White is the main operator for Scissors & More, which features a diverse collection of high-quality, impeccably designed equipment for use in the haircare, nail care, and skincare businesses on a nationwide level. Scissors & More offers an inventory that includes everything from tools and accessories to stations for manicures, barber chairs, shampoo units, and much more. You can shop by product, industry, or even brand, making the purchasing process easy as can be.

Anna is known for her deep passion for all things haircare, and sought training at the well-known Paul Mitchell Studio, where she learned the ins and outs of styling, cutting, dying, and perming hair. After completing extensive training, Anna was hired on at a quality full-service beauty salon with a focus on haircare, nail care, and skincare services.

She loved the work she was doing but always wondered if there was something that was missing.

Anna found that while a large part of the beauty world related to the quality of products being used and how they could enhance a service, it also was significantly impacted by the experience and emotions that a customer found while utilizing their services. Customers who enjoyed their time there were likely to come back time and time again. Those same customers wanted to be treated well each and every time, seeking an experience just as much as they were seeking a specific service.

Scissors & More was born from the philosophy of providing the best for a quality price.

It speaks to an issue near and dear to Anna’s heart. Scissors & More offers the best and brightest when it comes to beauty equipment. Each piece is researched and considered before being made a part of the catalog. Products are durable and sought-out for being worth the money that people invest in them. You won’t find cheap products that will wear out after a few uses, you’ll find high-quality items at a price that you may not believe.

If you have any questions about our products or wish to inquire about availability of an item, please contact us at or at 786-332-6783. You can also reach us via the web chat on our site.

The Scissors & More Difference

Scissors & More proudly offers better deals than any other competitors. Not only do we guarantee satisfaction, but we also offer: 110% Price Match GuaranteeNo Taxes on ALL of our Products, and FREE SHIPPING. We aim to assist you in finding your business' perfect products - in minutes instead of weeks or months - and to provide you with excellent after-sales customer service AND a great deal. We look forward to serving you!

**Scissors & More has also teamed up with one of the nation's leading finance companies--TimePayment Inc.--to offer you affordable payment options and make your favorite items available today!

The Scissors & More Team

Our team is based out of Miami, Florida and is ran by a close-knit team of 7 employees.

Customer Inquiries
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We respond to all inquiries within a few hours.

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Scissors & More is a Miami-based Authorized Dealer & Reseller. Scissors & More is fully permitted by the State of Florida (city, county, state registrations). W-9 available for institutional purchasers.

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