Nylon 5-Star Stool Base AGS Beauty
AGS Beauty Nylon stool base is made of nylon plastic and is compatible with air lift of AGS stools. Features: Made of nylon plastic Compatible with air-lift AGS stools Dimensions: Max weight allowed: 250 lbs Diameter: 22" AGS Beauty offers...
$53.99 $45.00
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Rocky Salon Stool with Plastic Base AGS Beauty
AGS Beauty Rocky stool consist of a solid PU seat cushion for maximum comfort and durability. This stool allows you to move swiftly around with no fuss due to its large star base that does not tip over easily. Features:...
$42.99 $36.00
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Air-lift For stools AGS Beauty
The Hermes saddle stool adds a little flare to the traditional stool. Its unique ergonomically designed seat allows for better posture and less fatigue. This versatile stool has an adjustable footrest ring making it easy to use by hairdressers or...
$41.99 $35.00
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Stool Casters/Wheels (5 PCS/SET) AGS Beauty
5 pcs per set.No return, no exchange. AGS Beauty offers one-year limited warranty on all of our products unless specified otherwise. A warranty does not entail the product to be returned, but implies parts will be sent out for repair....
$35.99 $30.00
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